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6 Hour Instructor-led Training

Project Specs

Client Goals:

This project was to design compliance training for managerial supervisors on the specifics of discipline and discharge of employees. The training was in-person with the potential for online / hybrid training at a later date.

My Contribution:

As the content instructor and materials developer I instituted several different methods in the design of the instructional material. First, the use of introductory videos (built in using PowerPoint voice over and animations) was used to capture attention. Then the use of interaction between the presentation, the provided booklets, and peer interactions. The course was 6 hours in length and the pre and post assessments revealed high levels of knowledge retention.

Project Completion:

The most successful elements in this (and any) in-person training is constantly changing up how information is distributed. There were several quizzes, interactive games, group work, videos, and lots of discussion time to dissect and fully understand the material. I also created the course with easy to follow manuals so other trainers could quickly train the material without having to memorize all the content. It was highly successful and the group of 40 participants was a pleasure to work with.

Sample Slides

Sample PowerPoint Video

Sample Class Interaction Count Down Timer Video

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