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Project Specs

This project consisted of building, from scratch, an entirely online asynchronous masters program for the University of Kentucky. We began by researching which tools would be needed and working with the subject matter experts (SMEs) to begin developing material. Once the materials were developed the work of converting the text-based content to a digital format began. Each course and course unit were built using a variety of technologies and loaded into the Blackboard LMS.

Example Video Designed for the MA Program:

My responsibility consisted of designing the look and feel of the course, video recording the introductory segments for each unit, conducting voiceover recordings for the course, and graphic design elements for the reading material. I used a combination of Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Apple Keynote, Pages, Prezi and Adobe Captivate CS6.

The workflow consisted of receiving and editing the SME content and converting that content into scripts for both video introductions and voiceovers for the course content. Once recorded, the video was edited and placed on a private YouTube channel and the audio voiceovers were converted to MP3s and uploaded into a Prezi at

Example of a Complete Unit Developed using Prezi:

Lastely, the scripts were edited in Apple Pages and converted to PDFs for students to read. You can see examples of all of this material below.

The program has been (and continues to be) a huge success!

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